With ICONists

Introducing a new DAO... with ICONists

Over the past months we have been keeping an eye out for 'ICONists' participating across the ecosystem, most notably across the ICON Networks social media and through our Zealy.

One of the things we want to foster in the space is the representation of ICONists in the ecosystem and the ownership over what they can achieve, singularly or together. In order to push forward with this we are building out a new DAO, with ICONists.

This will initially be a focus group for those active members alluded to above, covering the existing initiatives in ICON and promoting new ones. We (Arosh & John) have our own ideas of how we would like to use this DAO to improve community representation, but two individuals do not a DAO make and we look forward to building much of this out with our active community members.

We will begin extending invites to the initial testnet with ICONists members that we have identified through Zealy. Following a period of discussion around the core initiatives under the umbrella of the group we will proceed with using the testnet implementation of the DAO before then migrating the contracts to mainnet. On mainnet we will extend further invitations for the full cohort of with ICONists, the testnet focussing on our Zealy members simply as a focus group that we can assure easy access to through the Official ICON Discord server. We look forward to growing this group with you and promoting community action in the ICON ecosystem!