Farm ICX from Zealy

Are you an avid supporter of ICON and want to earn rewards for your contributions around the ecosystem? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce a brand-new initiative on our platform, Zealy, where you can compete, earn XP, climb the leaderboard, and even win ICX token rewards.

Zealy offers a variety of community action quests that allow you to accumulate XP, showcase your skills, and engage with fellow community members. You could already earn drops of ICX on Zealy at specific milestones, but now we're taking things to the next level with our competitive incentivization system!

How does it work?

It's simple! If you're already a member of Zealy, keep using the platform as you have been to earn XP. If you haven't joined Zealy yet, head over to our Zealy or to the #level_up channel on discord for help to get started. Just be sure to sign up using your discord rather than wallet connect.

Zealy Incentive

Starting from this week, we will be collecting the XP earned by the community on a weekly basis, from Monday to Sunday (UTC time). The following week, a pool of ICX tokens will be distributed among participants based on their XP gains. The initial pool value will be set at 100 ICX, meaning that your share of the distribution will depend on the formula:

(your weekly XP gain / total weekly community XP gain) * 100

The rewards earned will be automatically distributed at the start of the following week to the wallet addresses registered in Zealy, so be sure to keep this up to date.

This contest not only brings material rewards to the platform but also fosters healthy competition among community members. The more XP you earn, the higher your chances of claiming a significant share of the ICX prize pool.

Changes from the Zealy you know

Most of the previous quest types have been retained, however there have been some changes to the amount of XP they reward in order to create a good balance of contribution to reward and ensure that some of the easier tasks aren't able to capitalise on the prize pool. To add even more fun and engagement to this new addition to Zealy, we will be introducing a fresh selection of daily tasks as part of this initiative. These tasks have been targeted to appeal to different kinds of contributors in the space, whether you like to tweet, write, draw, code or blog, we want to ensure that you can spotlight your contributions for rewards. XP rewards for these tasks will be determined by the quality of your submission where appropriate, assessed by our dedicated reviewers. It's essential to create submissions that provide accurate information, avoid plagiarism, duplication, and meet the required standards for sharing. Don't be too worried by this last one, we will generally be judging these submissions on if they meet what has been asked by the quest and would leave a positive impression for ICON on an outside viewer.

By maintaining fairness, monitoring contributions vs their rewards at the end of the week and balancing incentivization, we aim to ensure a rewarding experience for everyone involved.


Starting this week, XP earned in Zealy will be automatically rewarded with a share of a weekly pool of 100 ICX. This comes alongside a rebalancing of the rewards for each of our tasks and the introduction of a new category of dailies. Remember, only submissions created within the week (Monday - Sunday, UTC) will be eligible for consideration and rewards for that term. So make sure to participate actively throughout the week and target those daily submissions to maximize your XP gains, increasing your chances of earning a larger share of the ICX prize pool.

Join Zealy today, start completing quests, earning XP, and get ready to farm ICX tokens from your weekly Zealy XP gains! It's an incredible opportunity to showcase your skills, engage with the community, and be rewarded for your efforts. We can't wait to see you climb the leaderboard and claim your share of the prize pool. Happy questing!